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You can order by:

- Phone: + 33 (0)3 83 32 44 23

- E-mail:

- Letter:                   La Boutique du billard

Service commercial

11 rue St Nicolas

54000 NANCY


Once your order has been placed on the website, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to you and your order will be registered. When your order is received, la Boutique du Billard ensures the order conformity and makes some preliminary controls. Adress and identity proof can be required for some kind of orders. The minimum of order for all the items is 20 €.



As long as our offers and prices are visible on the website, they are available. While the client is consulting the website the availability shown remains of the open stock. Only a permanent out of stock of an item from one of our suppliers leads to the suppression of this item on our website. You will receive an e-mail indicating that the item has been deleted and you will get the opportunity to change the product or to cancel your order. In other cases, a new order can be possible with some additional time.



When an ordered item is not available and is not indicated “out of stock” or if it needs some time to get it, the client is informed by email how long he/she will have to wait.

Delivery time can be variable for cue and shafts according to some client need (weight, shaft diameter or other specificities).



Billiard delivery time can depend on models, its dimensions, selected options, a special tint, a different cloth color or other specificities. Certain of these products are produced on request and require sometimes more than 8 weeks according to the specificities asked by the client and purchasing period (end of the year). The delivery time will be indicated on the cost estimate.

About billiards that can be bought directly on internet but out of stock while buying, the client will be informed about the now delivery time by e-mail.



Table soccer can be delivered within 3 to 10 working days with the exception of the end of the year when the period can be superior. In that case, a new delivery time will be given by e-mail.



The delivery time for Sound Leisure jukebox can depend on the model and options. For a jukebox in stock, the delivery time will be about 1 to 2 weeks. For special orders, the delivery time will be about 4 to 6 weeks.



Prices are indicated in €uros. Delivery costs are not included. Ordered items are invoiced on the base of the applicable price when the order is registered.

The price is payable in totality and in one payment while you order. All orders are invoiced and payable in €uros. For foreign delivery (outside metropolitan France), eventual custom costs and local taxes are paid by the recipient.



Shipping costs include a contribution to preparation, wrapping and stamping costs. They are flat-rated (details mentioned below). For billiards which need a cost estimate, transport and installation costs will be mentioned on it.



Either the price includes the delivery or a cost estimate will be created according to the distance and the eventual billiard installation for metropolitan France.

Shipping or delivery and installation costs will be mentioned for DOM, TOM and CEE (European countries).



No shipping costs for a purchase superior to 150 € TTC (all taxes included) otherwise shipping costs will be 15 € TTC for an order included between 20 and 150 € for metropolitan France.

For orders coming from DOM-TOM and European country (CEE), a cost estimate will be created with the shipping costs.



For metropolitan France, Luxembourg and Belgium: no shipping costs for a purchase superior to 150 € TTC in this sections, otherwise shipping costs will be 12,50 € TTC for an order included between 20 and 150 €.


For foreign countries (excepted CEE and DOM-TOM), a cost estimate will be created with shipping costs according to the weight and the destination of the parcel.



Several means of payment are available offering a maximum security guarantee. You can pay:

  1.        By credit card (blue card, visa card, eurocard mastercard) by indicating in the area provided (protected input by SSL encryption) your card number without space between numbers, its validity date and its control code. Those payments are taken in charge by CIC group. La Boutique du Billiard has no possibility to know the numbers and confidential code of your card. /! Only available in metropolitan France
  2.        By cheque in €uros which can be cleared in a French bank to the account of “LA BOUTIQUE DU BILLARD” or by postal money order. /! For France and DOM
  3.        By bank transfert. Our bank details are available when you confirm your order. /! Europeans countries, non-europeans countries, DOM-TOM
  4.        Kwixo in one time car credit card. Payment after you have received your order (electronic wallet). That’s simple: once you are registered, you do not need to give your bank details again. Kwixo is a secured solution of payment, chosen by Crédit Agricole and LCL. If you are already registered: Validate your purchase in one click with your user name (e-mail address or phone number) and your password Kwixo. If you are not registered yet: indicate your credit card number (CB, Visa, Mastercard) to validate your purchase. Then, you can finalize your registration. For your next purchases, you do not need to give your bank details again. Moreover, thanks to the payment after receipt, you receive your order and check it BEFORE paying.


Sending cash is strongly not recommended. The client is responsible at any moment of this kind of sending and its security. LA BOUTIQUE DU BILLARD cannot be hold responsible for an eventual loss or theft of such a sending.



Delivery time includes the parcel time of preparation and the transport time.


Unless it is specified, our items are send at the client own risk since they belong to him/her. The buyer is bounded to verify the content of its parcels when they are delivered with the postman or the transporter. The legislation obliges the postman/transporter to allow the recipient to check the content of his/her parcels.


If procedures mentioned above are not respected, no reclamations from the buyer will be accepted.


In case the items suffer damages, you have to assess the damages with the postman by indicating reservations at the moment of signing and to establish a statement to the postman within 72 hours (maximum) after the delivery. If the postman does not want to assist when you unpack the parcel, you need to write it on the delivery note (example: postman in a hurry, does not assist when unpacking, with reservations). We will replace the item(s) as soon as possible. Do not forget to send the nearest post office a recorded letter with acknowledgment of receipt in statutory time limit (72 hours) and to send us a copy of it.


In case of delivery by a transporter, you can refuse the parcel by indicating the reason of the refusal or you can accept them and write on the delivery note the damages observed. If the transporter refuses to assist at the unpacking, you need to write it on the delivery note (example: transporter in a hurry, does not assist when unpacking, with reservations). We will replace the item(s) as soon as possible. Do not forget to send the transporter a recorded letter with acknowledgment of receipt in statutory time limit (72 hours) and to send us a copy of it.


* In any case, please let us know the problem by sending us an e-mail or a letter.




The delivery is executed by a specialized transporter in padded vehicle with 2 qualified people. The delivery time is about 15 days. For coin-op billiards, please make sure that 2 other people can be there for unloading and for the eventual installation (optional). If the transporter cannot install the billiard because the client is not there despite the appointment, you still have to pay for the transport and the installation. Another appointment can be scheduled but you will have to pay a second time the transport and the installation.




The delivery is made by our technician. Oak, cherry wood, walnut wood, ceruse or lacquered models are produced when the order is registered within 8 to 10 weeks on average. Likewise for big size billiards which require a slate adjustment and the installation of the cloth. Some assistance for the assembly can be required in some cases.


Parcels are sent by Colissimo (French mail delivery service) between 48h and 72h + the period of parcel preparation in metropolitan France.

In case of check or bank transfer payment, the order will be treated when we will receive the payment.

For bulky parcels or which weights more than 30 kg, the delivery will be made by a transporter. The delivery time is about 3 or 5 clear days + the period of parcel preparation in metropolitan France.

Characteristics of Colissimo sending: the buyer is delivery at home by the postman. If you are not present, the postman will leave a note in your mailbox so you can get your parcel in the nearest post office. You have 15 days to pick up your parcel.



The delivery is made by our technician. This service includes the installation, the start of the device and some explanations about the functioning of the jukebox.


For abroad sending, the delivery time and price depend on which country you live in. Contact us if you need further information.



Items supplied by LA Boutique du Billard are new and guaranteed against defects when they are delivered. The agreement on the offer is made on the basis of the product description. In case of contradiction between the picture accompanying the description and the product description, the product description has a superior value to determinate the content of the offer proposition by La Boutique du Billard. If a product is defective or non-compliant, we commit ourselves to replacing or getting your money back. Used products cannot be taken back or replaced. Promotions and diverse special offer get the same guarantee. For billiard cues, fabrication defects reported at the delivery are taken into consideration. Bent shafts are not taken into consideration after use. Wood is a natural product which can become distorted with an excessive temperature, humidity or because of an incorrect tidying.



In accordance with the article L121-20 of the Consumption Code, you have 7 clear days counting from the delivery date to send back the item(s) either for an exchange or a repayment without extra fee except delivery costs.

The item(s) return must be done by registered mail to LA BOUTIQUE DU BILLARD. Items must be sent back in mint condition and in their original package. Any incomplete, used, damaged product or product of which the package has been damaged will not be exchanged or repaid.


Sending with postage due or cash on delivery will be refused.  Items sent in this state will be in our premises at the buyer’s disposal. In case of abnormal or abusive returns, LA BOUTIQUE DU BILLARD reserves the right to refuse a later order.


Items ordered specially for a client and which are not on our website (special order), items which can be modified following the client instructions and cloth order are not subjected to opting out right.



In accordance with the article L121-20-2 of the Consumption Code, billiards made of oak, cherry wood or walnut wood are not subjected to opting out right because they are produced according to the characteristics of each client (wood essence, dimensions, type of game, wood tint, etc). Billiards concerned by this are the following : Alexandre, Design, Directoire, Empire, Highland, Imperial, Le Lorrain, Louis Philippe, Louis XVI, Monastere, Poseïdon, Tendance and Tradition.

Jukeboxes specially ordered or and customized for the client are not subjected to the opting out right.


About other billiards and table soccer and according to the article L114-1 of the Consumption Code, a deadline will be communicated if the delay is out of date.



On condition that the client proves the hidden defect, LA BOUTIQUE DU BILLARD must legally repair all of its consequences (Art. 1641 and following of the civil code).

If the client goes to the court, he has to do it within 2 years from the moment he discovered the hidden defect (art. 1648 of the civil code). In case of difficulties, the buyer has the responsibility to search an amicable solution before taking any action in justice. Remember that this search of solution does not interrupt the 2 years deadline of the legal guarantee or the contractual guarantee. Generally, with reservation of the appreciation of the court, the respect of this contract supposes that:

-          the buyer honors his financial engagement towards the seller

-          the buyer uses the product in a normal way. The repairs of the hidden defect consequences, when it has been proved, consists in : either the totally free repair of the device including labor and transport costs to the place of implementation by the seller or the replacement or the total or partly repayment of its price if the product is totally or partly unusable. The legal guarantee due by the seller does not exclude the legal guarantee due by the manufacturer.



The propriety transfer of the product to the client will be realized after its complete payment whatever the delivery date of those products. On the other hand, the loss and deterioration risks transfer is realized when the products are delivered to the client.



Titles present in LA BOUTIQUE DU BILLARD data bases have been inputted from our suppliers’ information. LA BOUTIQUE DU BILLARD is not responsible of the contents and cannot be liable towards the buyer. If pictures can illustrate the products, they are here on an indicative basis and are not included in the contractual field. If mistakes are inserted, the responsibility of LA BOUTIQUE DU BILLARD cannot be engaged in any case. Products offered respond to the applicable French legislation. LA BOUTIQUE DU BILLARD disclaims all responsibility if the delivered item does not respect the delivery country legislation. LA BOUTIQUE DU BILLARD disclaims all responsibility in case of non-performance of the contract due to a case of force majeure (strike, flood, fire…)



Every clause in the present general terms and conditions and every other purchasing and selling operation targeted will be subjected to the French law.



The present general terms and conditions and the prices are expressly accepted by the client, who declares and recognizes to have a perfect knowledge of them. He renounces consequently to invoke a contradictory document and especially his own general terms and conditions. The buying act leads to the acceptation of this general terms and conditions.